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Ask a Designer: Appliance Color


Q: What color appliances should I get?

Trisha: First, it would depend on the actual kitchen and the color of the cabinets and the style and what they're going with for their kitchen. That will be the first question that I would ask them to get some feedback and be able to give them direction on, 'Would white appliances look okay? Would black look okay?'

We typically, I would say 98 percent of the time, use stainless steel. I don't think it's a fad that's going to go out anytime soon. I think the nice thing about stainless is that it does go well with any type of wood or color and finish in your kitchen. It's a nice neutral color. That's what we tend to see most of.

If people are worried about stainless as far as fingerprints and it's a little harder to clean, I think you can go with the white or a black but it's going to depend on what you're actually doing in your kitchen with your cabinets. White would go best with your lighter kitchen, so white or lighter-painted finish, and then your lighter-stained maples and things like that.

I think black goes well with the dark cherry and the darker-painted finish and things like that. Again, my first choice for most clients would be to say to go with the stainless because I do feel it's more neutral. As far as resale and people thinking it has a lot of value. I think they go in and see stainless and that's something that's a selling point in kitchens.

I think that with a really contemporary kitchen, all of a sudden, you just throw in a large blue Viking range and that might not go as well, I think, as simple stainless range. The colored ones, to me, tend to go more with a traditional kitchen and something with a really, like a larger range that can handle a bake