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Ask a Designer: The Right Color Paint


How do I choose the right color wall paint?

Trisha: I would think you're definitely going to want a paint color that's going to make your cabinetry pop. I would stay away from a color that's close to your cabinets. That makes everything blend together. The walls are covered in cabinetry. It is nice to have some color as an accent. You can pick up a color that's either in the counter top, or in the backsplash. Have that be complementary, but again be nice contrast to a cabinet.

Janice:Color is a way that a client can add punch to a kitchen. The hard spaces and hard surfaces, like the cabinets and the counter top, the most expensive things that you can do in a kitchen. Sometimes, to be safer, I'll recommend they keep those neutral, and then punch it up with some paint color. Bringing in paint color and selecting a paint color can come from adjacent rooms that are connecting with the kitchen, or that are directly off of the kitchen. It's a good way to tie rooms together. If they have favorite artwork in that adjacent room, or even a piece of artwork that they want to introduce in the kitchen, they can pick a color out of that, and introduce that color on the walls in the kitchen.

Usually, there's a lot of cabinetry covering the walls, and we don't have a lot of wall space showing. That's why it's a little easier to introduce a real vibrant or intense color in a kitchen, because you're not putting it on huge expanses of wall.