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Ask a Designer: Coordinating Product Colors


How should I coordinate product color choices?

Janice: That’s a good idea to build off of cabinetry first because that is a large percentage of the cost of the kitchen remodel. What we try to do is figure out what the customer’s budget range is. That will get me what kind of cabinetry that we’ll be able to use as far as counter whether that will stain or a paint, then I like to go to find our countertop, whether they’ll be granite or a solid surface as some sort. Or even something like a slate perhaps.

We get the countertops that were blending with the cabinets because they’re right next to each other. Then it’s going to start working with the backsplash because that’s going to be what’s right next to the countertop. Other things like, some things like that decorative lighting that would come last, because you already have your pallet, your main pallet are already put together.

Trisha: I don’t think there is a specific order. But I do think that there need to be a starting point. I do think it’s nice that if a client falls in love with a backsplash tile or a countertop color, to pick that first and then work around it. Pick cabinetry that’s going to go with that. Pick flooring that’s going to go nice with the cabinetries as well as the countertop. Hold different samples of flooring and the wood for the cabinet tree and the countertop, and the backsplash tile. You actually kind of put that all together. Maybe having a couple of different option. I do think once this all kind of put in a cluster in the same area, that’s really a lot