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Ask a Designer: Warm & Inviting Colors


What colors will make my kitchen look warm and inviting?

Janice: Probably, it’s best to keep with warm tones, like stained cabinets perhaps or even you could do a white, painted that’s got a glaze on it. A glaze is a darker color that’s put on top of the white color.

A glaze on a white cabinet really adds a lot of warmth because it just warms up the light color, keeping the warm tones, the browns and the greens and the yellows and golds and you start into getting into things like reds and whites and blacks. They have a tendency to be a little sharper and little bit cooler looking. You could do that with your countertops, if you found a beautiful granite. Granite comes in beautiful natural colors and then you can play the backslash off of whatever colors might be in granite.