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Ask a Designer: Storage Accessories


Which storage accessories are the most useful?

Terry: Probably the biggest request are things like cutlery dividers, organizers for the large drawer of cooking utensils, those sort of things, so it keeps it all in one spot, instead of flying around the larger drawers. The next most requested one are spice storage. Either pull-out storage at the cooktop, either down below the counter top or above, or spice cabinets that actually, when you open it up, they're on the door, they're behind the door.

Other accessories that you can get for cabinets are places to store your paper towels, pantry pull-outs for canned goods and that sort of thing, for trying to maximize the use of the space, so that they're getting the most storage for their money. The other thing is roll-out shelves. Roll-out shelves should be in every base cabinet, as far as I'm concerned, if you don't have a drawer in it. The deeper, the better. That gives you the opportunity to store things throughout the cabinet and get the full use of the cabinet itself.