/ Color

Apple Green Walls

apple green wall
Photo: J.H. Peterson

"The clients both had very different styles; she likes contemporary, while he's from England and has a very traditional sense of style. They also wanted something that didn't go too far outside the style of the house, which was built in 1947-that's where details like the larger crown molding come in.


"The hardware selection is a little more contemporary, but the door style is transitional, which lends itself to a traditional or contemporary look. The light to medium stain on maple also works with both styles.


"The green walls were the client's color choice, and work well. The green really brightens up the space, which was dark to begin with and part of the reason we took a wall out. The color leans more toward contemporary side of things, as that vivid of a color tends to be a little more contemporary, but it works with the other colors in the house, which tend to be a little more muted."


Designer: Serena Rebechini-Hilton
Crystal Kitchen Center
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Vivid Blue Countertop

mediterranean blue
Photo: Tom Young

"The client loves blue and was hoping to incorporate blue into the countertop. She also already had blue paint in adjoining rooms that she wanted to blend with. Corian's Mediterranean Blue was the perfect countertop selection for this color scheme. The white flecks in the blue Corian tie the countertop to the white appliances, backsplash and sink, so they're not left standing on their own. The new bay window with a Corian Mediterranean Blue sill allows for an abundant amount of natural light in the room.


"Blue can be rather cold, so the selection of a natural maple butcher block island keeps the kitchen bright, while the raised panel cherry cabinets in a medium stain have a warming influence. Yellow, orange and red accents throughout the kitchen help to keep the space cheery with a warm feeling, and the room blended well with the adjoining space."


Designer: Jean Buchen, CKD
K T Highland, Inc.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Denim Blue Cabinets

denim blue cabinet
Photo: Hadley Photography

"This kitchen was designed to be intimate enough to be functional, yet large enough for plenty of storage and workspace. A new vaulted ceiling and several new windows inspired the homeowners to have clean, simple lines and open space.


"StarMark cabinets in Denim Blue with Vanilla glaze were installed, along with Venetian Gold countertops. The client likes blue, likes color, and has a lot of blue throughout the house. The denim blue is a very warm application, while the neutral countertop lets the cabinets stand out a bit more. The shade works with the rest of the house, a main reason that it was used, but it also affects the room itself. The space has a very open feeling with the vaulted ceiling; the blue gives it a more warm and cozy atmosphere."


Designer: Jennifer Day
The Fairfax Interiors Group
Fairfax, Virginia

Cream-Colored Kitchen

cream colored kitchen
Photo: Bryson Leidich Photography

"Our goal was to achieve the structural beauty found in the classical period of Greece in the interior of the home. Incorporated in the design are columns with tiered capitals and bases that represent one of the greatest structures in Greek history: the Acropolis. The use of color in this kitchen suggests the primary building material used in the earliest days of Greece-raw marble.


"This was accomplished using a monochromatic color scheme of earth tones with a splash of deep brown for impact. The cabinetry was paint glazed to reach a natural stone hue, while the hood's aged bronze faux finish resembles monumental bronze statues of early Greece. Incorporating both the natural stone and aged bronze are the expansive granite tops in a highly polished finish that offers another element of natural appeal. Finally, the client displayed their final touches of color with carved marble motifs throughout the kitchen."


Designer: Jerry Hoffsmith
Colonial Craft Kitchens, Inc.
Annville, Pennsylvania

Light Contemporary Colors

light contemporary colors
Photo: Alan Bisson

"This kitchen was a remodeled using the existing footprint. The space was very tight and dark, and the client wanted a lighter, more contemporary feel. By using white and natural maple cabinets and wood floors, we were able to create a warm and open kitchen environment. Mixing countertop elements by combining maple, glass and black granite also opened up that end of the room, as did isolating the hood to make the space appear more expansive and generous.

Photo: Alan Bisson

"Both the client and I felt that slate would be appropriate for a backsplash to create additional texture. We pulled the kitchen's colors from the slate, drawing from the regional palette; earth tones are very complementary to the exterior environment. Using organic materials like the slate calls for an earthier, more muted palette, as the colors are not as clean or clear. Still, the use of varied earth colors in the backsplash contributed to the warm, open feel."


Designer: Marvin Lee
Kitchen/Interior Showcase
Spokane, Washington

Stainless Steel Accents

stainless steel accents
Photo: John Gussman

"The clients wanted the professional look. They're very into gourmet cooking and wine collecting. We brought in stainless steel with the hood, professional-style range, refrigerator and undermount sink. What made it all tie together so well was the stainless steel rail around the butcher block island top. Stainless will go with almost any style.


"This is a contemporary Northwest home where the contemporary has been toned down with the tumbled slate tiles set in diagonal on the walls and backsplash. But stainless is not a color, so it won't fight with anything. You can make it look traditional depending on the other materials you choose."


Designer: Cathy Jepson, CKD, CBD
Bolig Kitchen Studio
Woodinville, Washington

Modern White Kitchen

modern white kitchen

"This was originally a very narrow kitchen; we kept the galley shape but opened it up by making the doors wider. The silver pine cabinetry by Heritage was a part of this. Because there are no windows in the kitchen itself, we didn't want it to get too dark.


"We needed a color that would stay cool and not be as sterile as a white on stainless, so we decided to stay in the blue or green color families. We went through paint chips and laminate chips until we found one that had a little life to it. To get the feeling of the high windows that run throughout the rest of the home, we used Plexiglas doors that were sandblasted to conceal the contents."


Designer: Mary Liebhold, CKD
The Kitchen Specialist
Durham, North Carolina

A Colorful Focal Point

colorful range
Photo: Lauren Ohnmacht

"The cabinetry in this kitchen is Clive Christian Furniture with an antique cream hand-painted finish. The family owns multiple restaurants and is used to professional kitchens, equipped with the best appliances and sufficient working space, and wanted that in their own home as well. But they also wanted to stay away from having it look as sterile as a restaurant kitchen.

Photo: Lauren Ohnmacht

"Using limestone countertops and stone floors gave it a warm and comfortable Old World feel. The island top is teak; because there's so much stone, we wanted to soften it with a wood counter. Cream cabinetry also helps soften the space, as white would have been too stark and dark would create a closed-in feeling. The La Cornue range's burgundy color just popped the entire hearth and mantel. We tried a few other colors initially, but cranberry with brass trim really worked well with the cream cabinetry and stone floor."


Designer: Robert Varca
Clive Christian of Greenwich
Greenwich, Connecticut

Dark Wood Flooring

dark wood flooring
Photo: Edward Purcell

"The floor is an oak with a dark walnut stain and a polyurethane finish. It's laid diagonally in 3-and-1/4-inch wide planks to serve as a contrast to the parquet oak floor in the adjoining hallway and the horizontal oak floor in the adjacent dining room. The diagonal also draws you into the space and separates the space. The floor is very practical because it has a polyurethane finish that won't stain and real wood is relatively comfortable.


"The wood further fits the overall tone of this fairly traditional kitchen with its inset cabinets, farmhouse sinks and honed granite countertops. The kitchen was originally like the Brady Bunch kitchen, but the owners wanted to bring the character of that space back into keeping with the contemporary country feel of the rest of the home."


Designer: Hallie Cohn
Lise Lawson Interior Design
Fox Point, Wisconsin

Monochromatic Tones

modern monochromatic tones
Photo: Christine Wolf

"This kitchen's creamy beige Durango Stone™ continues throughout the rest of the home's main floor and onto outdoor deck areas to emphasize an open loft feel. The kitchen floor is laid with large diagonal tiles, mosaic inserts, and with tiles on the perimeter that line up parallel to the walls. The stone has been filled and sealed and is naturally mottled with splotchy color, so it won't show stains.


"The combination of the monochromatic light beige tones and stainless steel accents creates a sleek modern look, warmed by the natural stone. The floor's matte surface serves as a needed counterpoint to the shiny paradiso granite countertops and high-gloss laminate cabinets."


Designer: Lisa Fullerton
Drury Design
Glen Ellyn, Illinois