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Tuscan Yellow Cabinets

tuscan yellow
Photo: Jason Jung

"The yellow cabinetry serves as a backdrop to create sunshine. The clients have actually bicycled in Italy, where they acquired the colorful Italian pottery, and they wanted the kitchen's design to showcase it. They also wanted the background to recall the Tuscan sun. The large g-shaped kitchen's very light yellow cabinetry brings out the reds and blues of the pottery. The client is a lady who is married with four boys; she's the only female in the house, and yellow was something cheery she could really identify with.

Photo: Jason Jung

"The beadboard backs of the cabinets, crown molding and door styles are complemented by the soft yellow hue. The horizontal plan (countertops and floors) of the kitchen is darker than the vertical yellow of the cabinets, grounding the room."


Designer: Bev Adams, CMKBD
Interior Intuitions Inc.
Denver, Colorado