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A Holistic Approach to Color Selection

A selection of brightly colored kitchen elements and appliances

It's important to consider the feelings we associate with certain colors when making your color selections.

The Chakra System — your own personal energy system — interacts with the environments we inhabit and the spaces we design. As designers and architects, we incorporate the age-old wisdom and the transforming power of knowledge about the Chakra System to provide a more complete and holistic approach to design solutions.

There are seven major chakra energy centers that are located down the center line, which is the line of the body from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. Each of these seven centers resonates to a different color; corresponds to a certain internal organ, group of organs, and glands; and addresses a particular set of life issues. Each chakra works separately, in pairs, and together as a unified system to help achieve a balanced and harmonious state. The crown of the head is affected by purple; intuition by blue; the throat by sky blue; the heart by green; the solar plexus by yellow; creativity by orange; and the base of the spine by red.

In a kitchen or dining room, the color yellow would aid in digestion, the color green would inspire cooking with passion and heart, and blue would encourage expression. The colors can be used in carpeting, furniture, flower arrangements, plants, and accessories like placements.


-Linda Miller, interior designer for Mancini Duffy

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