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green and gold
Photo: William Lane

"This kitchen was designed for a professional couple who purchased a 20-year-old home and renovated it to suit their tastes and lifestyle. For the kitchen, as for the rest of the house, they wanted bold colors. The couple has an incredible art and glass collection in bright colors and had a number of pieces of furniture and accessories that were the basis of a green and gold color scheme. As the new home is very open they wanted to carry this through, so a strong golden color stain on maple was selected for the central working section of the kitchen.

Photo: William Lane

"A softer green stain on maple was used in the perimeter cabinets in the butler's pantry, the bar and the dining room. We didn't want a super strong yellow and a super strong green, so we used a sage green that lets the yellow provide the "pow!" The cabinets were complemented by very dark emerald green granite that has some gold flecks in it. The floor's warm tone picks up on the gold of the wood. The space is surprisingly inviting, not the least bit intimidating, and reflects the couple's love of color and their exuberant approach to life."


Designer: Patricia Swalander, CKD, CBD
Heartwood Kitchen & Bath Design
Calgary, Alberta