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Ocean Waves Kitchen

Blue Kitchen by Tim Scott
Photo By: Donna Griffith

XTC Design IncorporatedToronto, ON
Kitchen by Tim Scott

Design Notes: It can be hard leaving the beautiful views of the Caribbean, so this kitchen's owner--who has a vacation house in Havana, Cuba--decided to have his Ontario, Canada, home emulate the ocean. Mosaic tiles in shades of blue set the oceanic tone in the space. Curvy columns mimic ocean waves, and the rippled sides of the island add "an element of movement like the ever changing sky," says designer Tim Scott. White marble flooring creates the look of a sandy beach, and Scott chose custom cabinets with an English Sycamore veneer to evoke the colors of lush soil in Havana. The kitchen overlooks the home's solarium, and combined with all the other design elements, it's a great way to create a Caribbean vibe between visits to Havana.