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Art-Influenced Kitchen

natalie dubois modern kitchen
Photo By: Kallan MacLeod

DuBois Design LimitedAuckland, New Zealand
Kitchen by Natalie DuBois

Design Notes: Debate all you want about whether art influences life or if life influences art. Just know this: Art definitely influenced this kitchen. The bright orange wall in the cooking area matches the orange in a painting on the other side of the room, and the rest of the home's interior design plays off of the homeowner's collection of abstract art. The base of the kitchen island is made from highly polished stainless steel, which gives it a reflective, mirror-like quality. The kitchen is one component of open-plan living area, and the entire space functions as a two-story great room. An ornate, antique black chandelier hanging above the nearby dining table provides a dramatic contrast to the kitchen's modern products and aesthetics. According to DuBois, the clients "were keen on having an uncluttered look with few appliances visible from their open plan living area." For that reason, white sliding doors hide the majority of the kitchen's appliances and storage space.