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Manly Kitchen

Mal Corboy LED macho kitchen
Photo By: Kallan MacLeod

Mal Corboy DesignAuckland, New ZealandKitchen by Mal Corboy

Design Notes: This Kiwi kitchen was a true exercise in patience: It was planned 12 months before construction could even start. This left plenty of time for the clients' minds to be changed and their design tastes to be diversified. But the end result is a stunning, masculine and modern penthouse kitchen. The clients are involved in professional auto racing, and they wanted the design to be manly, refined and monochromatic. Gaggenau appliances and stainless steel cabinets and paneling both produce the masculine style. To give the kitchen a sleek, natural element, marble encases the island, as well as serving as the countertops and the backsplash. Finally, the designer added LED lighting to the base of the cabinets and island to give the room a colorful glow.