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Display Cabinets
Photo: Milt Borchert

"The client wanted display storage for her antique tins, an open area that provided much interaction between friends and family at frequent gatherings, and an island with a cooktop and seating for two people.


"To accomplish the storage requirements, as well as the display areas for her antique tins, the cabinetry was extended to the ceiling, thus creating ample storage for a unique look behind glass. The left and right of the sink provide an abundance of workspace necessary for meal preparation and cleanup. The cabinetry extended down to the countertop allows for additional storage behind glass for her antique tins. The island with professional range provides an open setting for family and guests. Additional space at the end of the island allowed more antique tins to be displayed."


Designer: Kirby Clarke
Aaah! The Kitchen Place
Fort Collins, Colorado

French Antique

French Anitque-Style Kitchen
Photo: Michelle Wurth

"We designed the kitchen with cognac-stained maple cabinets, allotting space for an antique piece under the sink before we had even found one. With the detail above the windows, the sink base created a natural focal point.


"We wanted to use an older piece because the home was in an historical area and we had used antique doors on the pantry. The clients were concerned initially, but we found an antique French buffet that fit in the space about three weeks before the rest of the cabinetry arrived. We replaced the back with one cut out for plumbing and replaced the wood top with granite. We saved the original parts so that one day the buffet could be used again as a freestanding piece."


Designer: Karen Black-Sigler, CKD
Karen Black's Kitchens By Design
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Formal & Functional

Kitchen Display Hutch
Photo: J.H Peterson

"In this remodel, the kitchen itself stayed the same size, but a second stairway on the back side of the kitchen was removed. With the extra space, we were able to sink the refrigerator and add 10 feet of pantry cabinets in the back entry.


"This homeowner had five sets of dishes and glassware. It was very important to her that they were all stored in the kitchen. The hutch next to the range is perfect for this storage. She also wanted bookshelves for cookbooks, enough space for a kitchen table, special storage for dog food, and large tablecloth storage.


"The look was as important as the function. Because this is a stately mansion, she wanted the cabinets to look as formal as the rest of the home. The cabinets were heartwood maple, with a three-piece 6" crown molding and roped torrus assemblies setting off the cabinets."


Designer: JoLynn Johnson, CKD, CBD
Crystal Kitchen Center
Golden Valley, Minnesota

Connect to the Outdoors

Green Granite Countertops
Photo: Photo Design

"The client loves gardening and wanted to take advantage of the big, private backyard. We reworked the windows, added some new ones, and didn't use any window coverings. The glass-fronted cabinets add to the windows' light and airy effect.


"To make up for lost storage, we added rollouts, cabinet space under the island cooktop, interior organizational systems, and a row of floor-to-ceiling cabinets on the opposite wall.


"Other elements help to bring the outdoors in. The green granite on the countertops, the green tiles on the backsplash, and the taupe-colored maple cabinets reflect the colors of the Douglas fir trees. When you're standing in this kitchen, you feel like you're outside, like you're standing in the middle of a forest."


Designer: Erin S. Davis
Precision Design & Remodeling
Portland, Oregon

An Entertaining Kitchen

Entertaining Kitchen

"The client entertains not only for friends-in which case they may have several caterers working in the kitchen-but they also have family in town who may be helping cook in the kitchen for special gatherings. The clients wanted a large entertaining kitchen that was also quaint enough for a small breakfast table.

"We designed the kitchen to have multiple prep and clean-up centers to allow those within to function most efficiently. The kitchen was designed in such a way to reflect the openness of the house while at the same time showcasing an intimate appeal. With the shape of the kitchen, we were able to insert an island and flank it with display cabinets. The display cabinets at the back of the island add charm to the large space and set aside the work area from the more leisurely dining area. They create a nice backdrop for the small Stickley table and chairs, which pulls together a quaint effect."

Valerie Rizzo, ASID
Rizzo & Co.
Anchorage, Alaska

Modern Kosher Kitchen

Contemporary Kosher Kitchen
Photo: Peter Rymwid

"In any kitchen, the biggest design challenge is making it beautiful and having it function properly for the client. This client needed the space to function as a kosher kitchen, requiring features that mainly have to do with dish cleanup and storage. There was a lot to fit in because of the necessary duplication of things. The required meat and dairy separation called for separate sinks, dishwashers and storage areas.

"We split the cleanup area in half. The left side is stainless steel and houses the meat dishes, sink, dishwasher and storage. The walnut section is for the dairy dishes and includes its own sink. The pullout trash divides the two areas with a split-panel front. The stainless and walnut is a beautiful combination and makes it very easy to keep things separate-the client instantly knows where things are supposed to go."

Designer: Bart Lidsky
Interior Designer: Marcia Barkan
The Hammer & Nail
Wyckoff, New Jersey

Great for Grandkids

Great for Grandkids Kitchen
Photo: Russ Littleton

"The original kitchen-a galley kitchen-was much too small and cramped. The client wanted more room, storage and openness. The wall behind the refrigerator was where the laundry room was originally. By taking out the laundry room and relocating it, we were able to change doorways and create an open kitchen/family room effect that was more suitable for visiting with their grandchildren and gave them the work space they needed.

"We relocated the laundry room to the dining room space, eliminating the dining room in lieu of the spacious eat-in kitchen area. The so-called work triangle is very convenient for them, and a pantry down the hall provides extended storage. Though the newly-sized room is large as is, the open shelves, leaded glass doors and white finish further emphasize the large and open feel."


Designer: Bryan Cavins
Cavins Kitchen Village
Findlay, Ohio

Command Central

Multi-seat Island

"The original kitchen was small with limited storage, particularly for a family with five children. Counter space was almost non-existent, and the dishes, pots and pans never seemed to fit in the dishwasher-they had to wait to run a second load or hand wash some items. The "eat in" area of the kitchen would only fit a table that was snug for six people and the dining room table was rarely used because of their informal lifestyle. Eating in shifts was the norm: feed the kids early; the husband and wife would eat after he got home from work. Entertaining was awkward with a separate kitchen, living room and dining room, and they expressed a preference for a more "open" floor plan.

"The new plan involved removing the walls that separated the three rooms. A large island with seating for eight and a cooktop in the center allows the cook to face either the children at breakfast or the guests and living area when entertaining. The overlook to the family room/playroom was closed off to provide for a wall oven and to keep the refrigerator in such a location that anyone wanting a cold drink didn't interfere with the cook. The opposite wall, which was originally in the dining room, provides ample pantry storage as well as glass display cabinets and a small planning desk. Counter space, which had been minimal, is now quite adequate and the two dishwashers shorten clean up time."


Designer: Roy Terepka
The Cabinet Corner Inc.
Largo, Florida

Create Your Own Professional Style Kitchen

Just like us, professional chefs have kids who prefer mac-and-cheese from a box to truffled risotto. Just like us, they make do with the appliances they have and dream about the ones they want. And, just like us, they never have enough counter space.

No high-Btu range, spice rack pullout or immense kitchen island can provide the path to culinary greatness. Like anything else worth doing well, cooking requires practice.

Even so, quality appliances, good storage and an efficent layout can help kitchen dilettantes and die-hards alike save time and enjoy themselves more—while cleaning up as well as while cooking.

On the following pages, both chefs and designers explain the essential elements of a true cook's kitchen at home. Whether remodeling, re-decorating or building a new kitchen, you'll find valuable tips and ideas.

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Two-Cook Kitchen

Copper Range Hood

"This married couple retired from 30+ years of working and built their dream kitchen-with home around it! Cooking and entertaining is their passion, but they had struggled to pursue it in a townhouse kitchen for years. They cook together but have very different ways of cooking, so in essence we created two kitchens. The wife is all about baking-ovens, rolling dough-anything in the oven is her forte. She's short and never had a comfortable work surface, so we installed 31 ½ inch countertops suited to her height. Her area is complete with a mixer, access to all the ingredients she needs, a second sink, and disposal.


"The husband is primarily the cook. He loves a big griddle and is a whiz on his 48-inch Viking range top with copper hood. His area is closer to the refrigerator for easy access. Because the room is a very long rectangle, we had to come up with a creative solution for the island, as a traditional one would be too long and not something you could circulate around. We created a tapered island that was narrow on one end and had seating on the other. We cut the island and put 2 ½ feet between the sections. The smaller section is on rollers with a butcher block top; it can roll up to the baking island to become one work surface if they want that."


Designer: Duval Acker, CMKBD, ASID
Kitchens By Design
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina