/ Kitchen Styles

French Farmhouse

Glass-Fronted Maple Cabinets
Photo: Claudia Bonser

"The use of soft, sun-washed colors-wheat, straw, berry-blue and terra cotta-and harvest themes are echoed throughout the space. Farm-style oversized glass-fronted maple cabinets contribute to the non-formal comfort, while a warm autumn stain complements room's yellows and golds. We selected the antique look of Botticino tumbled stone for the backsplash, which also features a hand painted terra cotta grapevine listelle. Tumbled stone was used as a background for the fresco-like mural of fruit under the hearth. Inspired by hearths found in manor houses of 15th-century France, the hearth is constructed of painted plaster and is supported by painted corbels. Small touches, like the farmhouse red Bordeaux sign, dried flowers, and flower elements highlight the coziness of the French Farmhouse style."

Photo: Claudia Bonser

Designer: Karen Gregorio
The Kitchen & Bath Center
Evergreen, Colorado