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Small and Stylish

Small Kitchen
Photo: Marcia Ward

"We looked at knocking out walls in this small kitchen, but found that creative solutions to space issues made it function as the client wanted without going beyond the original space. By removing a peninsula, we completely opened up the area in this small kitchen. We used extra tall cabinets to provide the storage they needed.


"While we did enclose one window where the cooktop now is, we wanted to leave the other to allow adequate light in. A custom plate rack breaks up the cabinetry and makes use of a space that was largely unusable-the plate rack depth is perfect, but a cabinet would have blocked the window. We did a recess in the wall for oil and wine storage for easy access while cooking.


"On the south wall we put in a pantry with an appliance garage directly underneath. Because there was no countertop space, we installed a slide-out cutting board below the appliance garage so that appliances didn't have to be lugged across the kitchen. Also, by using lighter glazed woods and white tile, the space visually looks open and clean."


Designer: Klaudia Spivey
Design Times Inc.
Denver, Colorado