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Two-Cook Kitchen

Copper Range Hood

"This married couple retired from 30+ years of working and built their dream kitchen-with home around it! Cooking and entertaining is their passion, but they had struggled to pursue it in a townhouse kitchen for years. They cook together but have very different ways of cooking, so in essence we created two kitchens. The wife is all about baking-ovens, rolling dough-anything in the oven is her forte. She's short and never had a comfortable work surface, so we installed 31 ½ inch countertops suited to her height. Her area is complete with a mixer, access to all the ingredients she needs, a second sink, and disposal.


"The husband is primarily the cook. He loves a big griddle and is a whiz on his 48-inch Viking range top with copper hood. His area is closer to the refrigerator for easy access. Because the room is a very long rectangle, we had to come up with a creative solution for the island, as a traditional one would be too long and not something you could circulate around. We created a tapered island that was narrow on one end and had seating on the other. We cut the island and put 2 ½ feet between the sections. The smaller section is on rollers with a butcher block top; it can roll up to the baking island to become one work surface if they want that."


Designer: Duval Acker, CMKBD, ASID
Kitchens By Design
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina