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Big Family Kitchen

Kitchen for a Big Family
Photo: Bryson Leidig

"The Abel family has 13 members, 8 of which are adopted. The kitchen had to work well for multiple cooks and fundraising events featuring guest chefs while not giving up its design qualities. With two cooking surfaces, two sinks, Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers and a large 48-inch model as well, we needed to use every inch of space.

"A lot of times you'll find form and function don't necessarily work well together; an appliance may look best somewhere other than where you would like it to be. We work hard to hide specific items that don't look good in a design. This kitchen features an appliance garage and hidden microwave. The bowed back island seats four but also has individual touch panels that maximize storage in an unlikely place. The corbels by the range are pullout spice racks. The four apothecary drawers generally look good but don't function well, so we hid additional storage behind the apothecary front-one pulls out to provide tray storage space while the others pull out into one silverware storage space."

Jerry Hoffsmith
Colonial Craft Kitchens
Annville, Pennsylvania