/ Kitchen Styles

Curvaceous Contemporary

Maple Cabinets

"Although stainless materials introduce the contemporary feel, the angular lines of this kitchen are softened by the many curved edges. The rounded refrigerator front and curved shape of the island countertop relax the harder edges of the moldings and squareness of the cabinet doors. The island's countertop support incorporates both a stainless post at one end and a curved stainless panel on the island back. The arc of the metallic backsplash behind the cooktop brings the curve of the island across the room, emphasizing softness.


"Harsh lines are further broken by staggering the heights of the cabinets, whose recessed panel door style helps to maintain a simple line. The maple wood grain pattern adds to the contemporary feel, and we placed the radius stainless handles horizontally for a fresher, relaxed look."

Bill Tweten
Braaten Cabinets Inc.
Fargo, North Dakota