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Nouveau Americana

Nouveau Americana Kitchen

"Germans call a similar look the 'New American style', but I like to think of this kitchen as Nouveau Americana. It's a contemporary room with some traditional elements. For instance, choosing framed flat panel cabinet doors but adding little inset corner details. The stylized lines of the cabinetry have a sleek appeal while integrating natural and handmade elements, like the hardware. We also combined natural woods instead of staying with one color, going for a more unfitted look which gives the kitchen a more natural feel, rather than keeping everything hard-edged."

"We wanted the room to be a phenomenal place for cooking and entertaining, so we went with fun materials. Most people think hickory is nothing but grainy mineral streaks, but it made an incredible artistic statement on the floor. The hand carved legs give the table an organic element, and we used a different combination of legs on the other pieces, like the pantry. A lot of kitchens put one element all over the place. Here, each piece has its own look without conflicting with the others."


Designer: Cheryl Daugvila
Cheryl D. & Company Ltd.
La Grange, Illinois