/ Kitchen Styles


Medieval Castle Style Kitchen
Photo: Peter Rymwid

"In order to create a design with Spanish, Medieval and Moroccan elements, we wanted what you'd see in a castle. This kitchen is successful because we used real materials. The room's focal point, the hearth, is made out of real stone. It's a complete hearth that requires a foundation, as opposed to most hearths, which don't go down to the floor and look top-heavy. The cabinets have a deep yellow glaze on cherry, with sanded-off corners to simulate a worn, timeless look. The island's finish is warm and inviting even though it's dark, since it complements the lighter cabinets."

Photo: Peter Rymwid

"The refrigerator was designed to look like heavy oaken castle doors with clavos, which are Mexican forged iron nails, to play off of the extensive ironwork throughout the kitchen. With limestone and slate countertops and a beamed ceiling, everything has a substantial, timeless look. What's sophisticated about it is that all the mechanics are hidden. You wouldn't know there's a range hood, as it's concealed behind fretwork."


Designer: Robert Lidsky
The Hammer & Nail Inc.
Wyckoff, New Jersey