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Oceanside Contemporary

Seaside Green Cabinets
Photo: Steve Rodgers

"This house is right on the ocean in Boston Harbor, so what we tried to do was emulate a wave in the kitchen's design. The rest of the home is fairly traditional, and the owner wanted the kitchen to make a statement. The 28' island's three distinct curves mimic a wave while also breaking up its length. We made a seaside green more contemporary by pairing the cabinet color with a flat door panel with a high gloss, accented by contemporary hardware. The curved cabinets, in addition to adding a softened contemporary feel, again recall the ocean."

Photo: Steve Rodgers

"The custom made Aga hood features the same soft contemporary curve. We tried to create the same effect with the glass doors, tying them into ocean glass. If broken bottle pieces wash up on shore, they're very soft and rounded. That's the look we were going for."


Designers: Kathy Marshall and Ed MacDonald
Hanover, Massachusetts