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Contemporary Southwest

Rose, Charcoal and Beige Colored Granite Countertops
Photo: Ron Ruscio Photography

"The granite in this countertop was chosen specifically for the graining and movement of this particular slab. Its rose, charcoal and beige tones accent beautifully the white glazing on the hickory cabinets and help to establish the muted natural tones of this contemporary Southwest-style kitchen. The modern look is further enhanced by the use of sleek stainless steel appliances and American Indian forged hardware.


"The patterning of the granite is used to visually unify the broad expanse of counter space, while the colors in the slab reflect those found in the surrounding rugged Colorado mountain terrain. The owners of this kitchen love to cook and frequently entertain. The natural strength of granite provided them the most durable and aesthetically pleasing surface for this purpose. Granite is heatproof, waterproof and nearly impossible to stain or chip."


Designer: Marion Patterson
The Kitchen and Bath Center
Evergreen, Colorado