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Deep Green

Masa Hardware

Eleek Hardware's Masa Collection Pokkuri Pull

With all the eco-talk out there, it's easy to get greenwashed. Sometimes companies claim their products are eco-friendly or their practices are environmentally conscious, but a closer look at the small print reveals that the goods are less green than they seem. Fortunately, there are some companies that walk their talk with deeply green materials, processes and more. Check out some of our favorite deep green products below.

PRODUCT: Eleek Hardware's Masa Collection

GREEN: This hardware is made entirely from 100 percent recycled aluminum.

DEEP GREEN: Eleek gathers old aluminum from screen doors, storm windows and more at their Portland, Oregon neighborhood reuse center; The ReBuilding Center. Since The ReBuilding Center is less than a mile away from Eleek's shop, that short distance saves energy and cuts down on the pollutants that usually accompany transporting raw materials.

Bazzeo Paper Kitchen

Bazzèo's Paper Kitchen in Gunmetal Grey and Obsidian Black



PRODUCT: Paper Kitchen by Bazzèo

GREEN: 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper makes up not only the countertops but also the cabinet drawers, doors and panels of this kitchen from Bazzèo. The material is bound together with a non-toxic, petroleum-free, phenolic resin made from the crushed shells of cashew nuts. The cabinet box is made of 100 percent recycled materials as well.

DEEP GREEN: When a client's cabinetry is delivered, Bazzèo plants a tree in the name of that customer through the TreePeople.


Aged Woods

©1987 Warren Jagger Photography

Aged Woods' Antique American Chestnut plank flooring and beaded strip Antique American Chestnun vaulted ceiling; 




PRODUCT: Aged Woods flooring

GREEN: Using woods from exterior buildings that would otherwise end up in the dump, Aged Woods reclaims this old wood to create beautiful new floors.

DEEP GREEN: Having just received the Green Log Home & Lifestyle Award for Flooring, Aged Woods has long deserved such recognition, as the 24-year-old as been  on the forefront of green design and construction since its inception.


Bedrock Industries' Blazestone Tile



PRODUCT: Bedrock Industries' Blazestone Tile

GREEN: Made only of 100 percent recycled glass, the tile at Bedrock Industries gets its color from the recycled materials themselves rather than potentially harmful pigments.

DEEP GREEN: In addition to using 100 percent recycled materials to make their products, Bedrock uses 100 percent recycled materials to box and ship their products too. The company's community involvement includes bottle drives and field trips to educate children on the importance of living green.