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Recycled Tile for Backsplashes


Photo courtesy of Michael Keeny and Kee Sites.

Fireclay Tile's Debris series recycled ceramic tiles. House designed by Josh Mogal of Ecohistorical homes.


But even if you're home isn't a palace of sustainability, recycled tiles might be a great kitchen addition. Not just because they're green, but because they are some of the most stylish tiles on the market. Here are three makers of sustainable tile that have caught our attention:

Fireclay Tile has been honing its craft since the late 1980's. In the last two years they've introduced two recycled tile collections that have really stood out. One collection is called Debris, which features clay tile made from recycled glass, porcelain, granite dust and several other components. The ingredients are a bit hodge-podge, but the results are eye-catching, as you can see below.



 Another installation of Fireclay Tile's Debris series tile.


Fireclay's more recent line of recycled tiles are called Crush and made from glass. The tiles are made from glass scraps collected at a window-cutting factory just 15 miles from Fireclay's manufacturing facility. The finished product is composed of 100-percent recycled glass.



Fireclay's 100-percent recycled glass tile series, called Crush. Courtesy of Fireclay Tile.


Oceanside Glasstile is another maker of recycled glass tile. Some of their icy-colored glass subway tile from their Haiku collection was featured in the Backsplash Tips and Trends slideshow, but they also offer plenty of bold-colored mosaic tiles, like the ones from the Tessera collection below.



 Photo courtesy of Oceanside Glasstile.


Finally, Clayhaus Ceramics out of Portland is another maker of green ceramic tile. We were introduced to them at Green Home Chicago, a sustainable design center in Chicago. Here's an installation of their soft gloss tile with a crackle texture installed in master bathroom.



Photo courtesy of Clayhaus Ceramics.


We also like their many decorative tile designs, like this ogee cloud blend.


Photo courtesy of Clayhaus Ceramics.


Of course, there are many other makers of great recycled tiles as well. And there are many ways to incorporate sustainable products into your kitchen. Check out our Green Kitchen Remodel page for more ideas.