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Two Countertop Materials

Maple and Gold Green Granite Countertops
Photo: Paul E. Sharp

"The island has two different countertop heights and materials. The granite on the lower level can be used for sitting down and eating, rolling dough, or mixing. The elevated clear maple top can be used for working. The maple is hard and will last indefinitely, as long as you don't chop directly on the finish. We used it throughout, except on the lower island counter and by the cooktop, where we used granite, which can withstand hot pots and pans.


"We also lowered the counter on either side of the cooktop from the standard 36 inches to 33 inches. That's a European style of cooking that makes it more ergonomically comfortable to stir and fill pots. We used a gold-green granite to pick up the natural maple in the cabinets and the distressed green in the island. The clear maple connects with the cabinets."


Designer: DeWitt Talmadge Beall
DeWitt Designer Kitchens
Sherman Oaks, California