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Areas for Slicing and Dicing, and Kneading and Baking

Food Prep

This is where it all begins: in the food prep zone, you slice and dice your way toward dinner. If your kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate an island, the food prep zone would be well-placed there. It's helpful to include a second sink for rinsing fruits and vegetables, as well as a refrigerator drawer for storing milk and eggs if your main refrigerator isn't easily accessible. Include:

  • Butcher block pullout (if you aren't working on a butcher block surface)

  • Drawer for knives

  • Pullouts for mixing, measuring and serving items

  • Pullout trash center

The area built for fun, the baking zone is where cookies, breads, and casseroles come to life. Aside from the appropriate countertop space and material (marble slabs work best for rolling dough), you'll need to keep a number of supplies within easy reach. Include:

  • Apothecary drawers for storing small items like cookie cutters

  • Bins for flour and sugar

  • Tray divider rollout for baking sheets and pizza pans

  • Pulldown cookbook rack

  • Drawers for rolling pins, measuring cups and teaspoons

  • Easy-to-reach cabinet space for heavy casserole dishes and mixing bowls

  • Storage for oven mitts, pot holders and trivets

  • Divided utensil storage for spatulas and wooden spoons

  • Pop-up stand for your mixer



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