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Two Islands

Two-Island Kitchen
Photo: Main Street Studio, Palmyra, PA

"This kitchen features two islands. The radius one doubles as a place to sit and have a quick meal, or as a conversation area to chat with the cook as they're preparing the meal. The island features two levels-36 and 42 inches. The 42-inch top has more of a furniture application, with a solid wood top and corbels. With the hutch piece to the right, the radius island transitions from the kitchen proper to the gathering area and breakfast nook.


"The rectangular island is the primary island, with a prep sink, a steamer and warming drawers for food prep and light cooking. A smooth traffic flow and added visual interest are the advantages of the two separate islands. On the wall to the left of the rectangular island are the refrigerator and wall ovens; separating the two gives the cook a smooth transition from prep and cleanup sink to the refrigerator and oven."


Designer: Jerry Hoffsmith
Colonial Craft Kitchens, Inc.
Annville, Pennsylvania