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Drawer Appliances Keep Counters Clear

Someone reaching into a drawer full of fruit and vegetables

Courtesy of Ariston

Warming and cooling drawers have fairly obvious functions: keeping warm foods warm and cold foods cold. Warming drawers keep counters uncluttered by providing an area to store prepared food that is not ready to be served, while cooling drawers (or undercounter refrigerators) act as another refrigerator, creating extra room in your standing fridge. Cooling drawers can also be placed near the food preparation area, giving you easier access to condiments and other refrigerated ingredients. Other features often found on warming and cooling driers are:

  • Trim kits and panels that match the rest of your cabinetry

  • Stainless steel interiors

  • Removable bins that can double as serving trays

  • Various size options, usually ranging between 24 and 42 inches.



Warming Drawer by Wolf


The newest trend in appliance drawers is in-drawer microwaves. They can be placed in islands, under countertops and underneath cooktops or wall ovens.

Obviously microwave drawers will save you space if you normally use a countertop microwave. But they also offer advantages compared to over-the-range or built-in microwaves. One is that in-drawer microwaves can be safer to use, as any spillage falls into the drawer rather than on your head or hands. Also, in-drawers are less obtrusive, as they don't interrupt the design of wall cabinetry.

Appliance drawers range in price depending on size and power output. The average price for most drawers is in the $1,000 area, although cheaper and more expensive options are available.



Dacor Microwave In-a-Drawer











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