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Collapsibles Keep Cabinets Tidy

Collapsible Container containing food

Courtesy of Rubbermaid

The battle for more space in the kitchen rages inside the cabinetry, too. Despite a wealth of cabinet storage accessories, many cooking products and dinnerware items remain organizationally and spatially unfriendly. Awkward shapes and sizes lead to cabinetry clutter no matter how diligent you are in trying to keep things tidy. Plates, however, are flat and easily stackable. Now other kitchen products have taken the plate's cue. Each of these items cost slightly more than their traditional versions, but none should exceed $20.

Storing the Storage:

Plastic containers make storing food easier, but storing empty plastic containers can be extremely difficult and frustrating. It's not uncommon to have entire cabinets or drawers devoted to a mess of plastic containers and lids strewn about in a sloppy manner. Collapsible containers take the inherent clumsiness out of storing containers, keeping them flat and stackable. Your container drawer or cabinet can finally be organized-and have room for things other than containers.


Normann Coppenhagen collapsible strainer


Strainer and Funnel:

Because of their shape, these two items claim a decent amount of area wherever they are placed. But silicone colanders and funnels can collapse, only taking up space when they are in use. The silicone is durable enough to continually keep its shape, and can withstand hot and cold temperatures.


Sleekstor collapsible measuring cups by Chef


Measuring Cups:

Often found jammed into drawers or scattered among shelves, measuring cups can be difficult to store when stacked. Collapsible measuring cups, however, can be stacked at a reasonable height. Like the colander and funnel, the measuring cups are made from silicone and can hold both hot and cold items.



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