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Ask a Designer: Quality Cabinetry Features


What features define quality cabinetry?

I would say definitely looking at a dovetail drawer versus a butt-jointed drawer you’re going to want a wood drawer box. Dovetail would be a more sturdy construction.

You’re going to want to see what the sides are made out of as far as the plywood versus particleboard. You’re going to want a material that’s a little bit thicker on the bottom of the drawer as well as you want a little bit, at least three-quarter shelves inside the cabinets.

The finish definitely has to be a good quality finish. Look at warranties when you’re look at cabinetry to see how long they warrant their workmanship and their finishes over the long term.

The finish is probably going to break down if it’s not a quality finish from touching it. You won’t be able to clean the wood as easily if the finish starts to break down.

Now they’ve come out with all kinds of fancy things. They have the Blumotion which is a soft-close. That’s not mandatory. It definitely is a very sexy option that you could put in. It keeps the kids from slamming the drawers. It will make your cabinets last longer.