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Ask a Designer: Stainless Steel Pros & Cons


What are the pros and cons of stainless steel?

I think some of the Pros to this is the look of it and its value, as well as … I guess people could say it's easy to clean, and then not easy to clean. I know that a lot of people that cook a lot like to use it. They love the stainless, because they do feel afterwards it's really easy to clean up and be done with, as far as it being kind of a sterile surface.

You could look at a Con and say with a full stainless steel refrigerator and/or dishwasher, if you have children, you'll get a lot of fingerprints. As far as a daily maintenance, it's a little harder to keep up. [Then and the part 00:00:48] with the paint on it, we are not going to see all those little fingerprints all over the place. That would be the biggest Con. The biggest concern that I see with clients is that fingerprints, and their children, and not wanting to have to deal with that. Overall I think going with stainless is definitely something that's a good idea.