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Ask a Designer: Choosing Stone Counters


Which types of stone make good kitchen counters?

It is best to use granite, because it is really durable, and not as porous as a marble or a limestone. You do see people, because for a specific look, going towards limestones and marbles and things, but some people tend to try to steer you away from that, because it is a softer material, it is more porous, but you can use it, just not as easy to maintain as a granite or quartz product would be. Again, a trapertine is going to be really soft, more porous material. Soapstone, same, which we use a lot. Soapstone is very soft. If you have a kitchen that you want kind of an older look, and you don’t mind, after ten years, having the soapstone be a little bit beat up, or, in areas that you work more, having a little worn look to it, I think that’s okay.

If someone’s wanting a countertop that’s going to stay very pristine and clean, soapstone is probably not the way to go. I have marble in my kitchen. It is a little soft, had to get used to that, but I like it a lot. There’s something about a marble [flag 00:01:21] with the [veining 00:01:22] and the beauty of that, that you’re not going to get in a solid surface. There’s no granite that’s pure white with a [inaudible 00:01:29]. Unfortunately, they don’t have that. So, there are some materials that you can get, like I said, a similar look, but you’re never going to get that exact same look.