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Ask a Designer: Countertop Prices


Why are some countertop colors more expensive than others?

Trisha: Because of what goes into the material to make it that color. As far as a Corian, a zodiac, a solid surface material, it’s easier for them to make the solid colors. There’s more work and more materials involved in making the different types that has different colors, so it’s going to be more costly. As far as the stone, I think it’s the cost of the stone itself, the more exotic the stone and the more of its [inaudible 00:00:43] cost the more that material is going to cost to put on your countertop, versus a granite that’s more readily available and less expensive.

There’s definitely a handful of … A, granite, that you think it in all of the same price point. Then you got a nice wide range of the cost granite, that’s probably were most of them are categorized in is kind of mid-range price. Then you’re going to have a more exotic material on it, and limestone and things like that. They’re going to be in that C category for its cost.