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Freestanding, Slide-In and Drop-In Ranges

This 48-inch Wolf gas range offers two ovens.

Olson Photographic, LLC.

This 48-inch Wolf gas range offers two ovens, six burners and a griddle. Kitchen designed by Northeast Cabinet Design, Ridgefield, Conn.

A range combines an oven and a cooktop in one appliance. Most often, both the oven and the cooktop use the same heat source, whether gas or electric. Dual-fuel ranges, however, offer the advantage of gas burners and an electric convection oven. The same pros and cons of oven and cooktop features apply to ranges as well.

Freestanding ranges sit in between cabinets. They typically have a bottom storage drawer and controls placed on the back of the unit. They are the least expensive option, but juice and crumbs can fall into the cracks between the range and the cabinets.

Slide-ins close the gaps between the range and the countertop and have their controls in the front.

Drop-ins hang on the countertop and look like built-ins. They require additional paneling and cabinet support underneath them.

Price: About $425 to $650 for an electric coil range; $650 to $1,400 for an electric smoothtop range; $550 to $2,000 for a gas burner range; and $4,000 on up to $12,000 for a pro-style model.

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