GE Profile Single-Double Wall Oven

ProFeatures PersonalStyle GE Profile Single Double Wall Oven
Courtesy of GE Appliances

Incorporating two wall ovens into the space typically occupied by one, this GE Profile 30-inch wall oven saves space but still lets home chefs cook two dishes at two temperatures at the same time. With a 2.2-cubic-foot upper oven and a 2.8-cubic-foot convection lower oven, the single-double oven can hold a 22-pound turkey and two casserole dishes at once. And it's self-cleaning. GE Profile

KitchenAid Commercial Style Range Hood

ProFeatures PersonalStyle KitchenAid Commercial Style Range hoods
Courtesy of KitchenAid

With serious strength and its stainless style, this KitchenAid range hood brings both power and panache to the kitchen. A three-speed fan allows for ventilation between 600 and 1,200 CFM, and dishwasher-safe filters make cleaning a cinch. The canopy hood is available as a wall-mount model in sizes ranging from 30 to 48 inches or in island installations in sizes from 36 to 48 inches. KitchenAid

Kenmore Elite Induction Range

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Kenmore Elite Induction Range
Courtesy of Kenmore

Previously available in the U.S. only on cooktops, induction technology now has spread to ranges. The 30-inch slide-in and freestanding induction ranges from Kenmore Elite use electricity to create a magnetic field that heats your pots and pans rather than the stove's four burners. AirGuard technology traps cooking odors from the large 5.8-cubic-foot convection oven. Last but not least: a warming drawer. Kenmore Elite

Fisher & Paykel Tall DishDrawer

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Fisher Paykel Tall DishDrawer
Courtesy of Fisher & Paykel

A taller interior design gives this dishwasher drawer plenty of space for larger dishes while maintaining a sleek design. The larger top drawer fits plates up to 13 inches in diameter, while the smaller bottom drawer fits petite loads like wine glasses or coffee cups. With a customizable racking system and the freedom to run just one drawer or both at the same time, the Tall DishDrawer makes cleaning up a breeze. Fisher & Paykel

Range Style: Freestanding Ranges

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Freestanding Ranges
Photo courtesy of La Cornue

An extremely common type of range style, freestanding ranges are paneled on each side and can be placed in between cabinets, at the end of a counter, by themselves, or next to other appliances. They will usually have a bottom drawer for storage, or in some instances, a broiler compartment.

Freestanding ranges are usually cheaper than comparable slide-ins or drop-ins and also have more available sizes and features.

Range Style: Drop-In Range

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Drop-In Ranges
Photo courtesy of Magic Chef

Drop-in ranges provide the most integrated look of any range style. They are dropped into a space between cabinetry, and a panel that matches the cabinets goes across the bottom area of the range. Drop-in ranges typically do not have a bottom drawer for pots and pans (this is the main difference between a drop-in and a slide-in range.

A drop-in range can be used in kitchens where space is limited and a more traditional range could be cumbersome. Drop-in ranges can be slimmer than standard ranges and fit in smaller and tighter spaces.

Additional Range Features: Convection Ovens

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Additional Features Convection Ovens

Whirlpool Convection OvenConvection ovens use a fan placed in the oven cavity to spread heat evenly and quickly while baking. Ovens that do have a convection fan can also be used in standard baking mode, where heat spreads in a natural way. Both gas and electric ranges are available with convection fans.

Fagor Side-Opening Oven

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Fagor Side-Opening Ovn
Courtesy of Fagor America

With a left or right side-opening door and telescopic gliding racks, this 24-inch convection wall oven from Fagor America provides maximum access to the interior even in a small space. The Celeris preheat booster function raises the oven's temperature to 400 degrees in less than five minutes, helping to reduce overall cooking time. Fagor America

Additional Range Features: Griddles

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Additional Features Griddles
Photo courtesy of Thermador

Griddles are a flat cooking surface typically made from steel or cast iron. Items like eggs, pancakes or sandwiches are placed directly on the griddle, as the flat surface allows them to be easily lifted with a spatula. Griddles look similar to French tops, but the main difference is that griddles provide a constant heat over the entire surface, while French tops are the hottest at the center and provide less heat on the sides.

Seasoning & cleaning: Much like a cast iron frying pan, griddles need to be seasoned with cooking oils before use. Seasoning your griddle keeps food from sticking on it, helps give food extra flavor, and most importantly, fights corrosion and rust. Your range manufacturer should have instructions for the best way to season the griddle.

Griddles can usually be cleaned with warm water after each use (you might want to add a little more cooking oil after each cleaning). When you do want to do a complete clean and remove old seasoning, use white vinegar or club soda. For best results, follow the instructions from your range manufacturer.

Miele Independence Series Refrigerator

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Miele Independence Series Refrigerators
Courtesy of Miele

Control this integrated/built-in refrigerator's four separate cooling zones with the MasterCool system, which monitors temperature and humidity by food type. Should you forget to shut the door after, a built-in alarm lets you know. Even smarter-if your refrigerator malfunctions while you're away, a remote wireless sytem inside the fridge e-mails Miele's support staff, who can call to inform you of the problem and even go to your home and fix it for you. Available as all-refrigerator or bottom-freezer refrigerator models, in 30 or 36-inch widths. Miele