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Get to Know Your Freezer Options

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Courtesy of Sub-Zero

Freezer drawers don't hold much food, but fit in convenient locations

Refrigerator freezers are not intended for long-term storage, so you may want to consider a separate freezer. Freezers come in three styles: upright, chest and drawers.















An upright freezer sits vertically and opens from the front with a hinged door. Capacity is 2 to 25 cubic feet.

Freezer chests sit horizontally and have doors that open up instead of out. Capacity is 2 to 25 cubic feet.

Freezer drawers are stacked beneath a counter and come in sets of two or three. Capacity is about 5 cubic feet.


Shelves, in-door storage make it easy to find and remove items


Big enough to accommodate bulk food purchases or preparation and awkwardly shaped food items like turkeys and hams

Easily located near point of use


Foods are more visible, less likely to be forgotten



Economically priced



Self-defrosting option


Tend to be more energy efficient than upright freezers



Takes up less floor space






Not always big enough to fit awkwardly shaped foods

Because of their size, items can get lost rather easily




 Built-ins are not easily relocated




Higher energy costs, as cold air escapes more easily and auto-defrost uses more electricity

Takes up more floor space


Small capacity; can't hold large items




Difficult to relocate

High price per cubic foot



Usually manual defrost



$150 to $3,100 for a freestanding upright freezer; $1,000 to $6,000 for a built-in freezer

 $150 to $2,600

 $2,000 to $4,000


To keep your freezer running efficiently, defrost it a few times a year. Buy a frost-free upright model if you don't want the hassle of manually defrosting your freezer-but be prepared for a bigger price tag and higher electric bills.

Also, frost-free freezers will not maintain a constant temperature, as they heat up slightly to eliminate frost. This can cause food to dehydrate and become more susceptible to freezer burn.