Additional Range Features: Steam Ovens

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Additional Features Steam Ovens
Photo courtesy of KitchenAid

For recipes that call for baking with hot, moist air, steam ovens make it easier to generate humidity (as opposed to putting a few ice cubes in your oven). Typically ranges with a steam feature have electric ovens that use radiant heating elements. Without a steam feature, electric ovens produce a dry heat that can cause some baked foods to dry out.

Freestanding, Slide-In and Drop-In Ranges

This 48-inch Wolf gas range offers two ovens.

Olson Photographic, LLC.

This 48-inch Wolf gas range offers two ovens, six burners and a griddle. Kitchen designed by Northeast Cabinet Design, Ridgefield, Conn.

A range combines an oven and a cooktop in one appliance. Most often, both the oven and the cooktop use the same heat source, whether gas or electric. Dual-fuel ranges, however, offer the advantage of gas burners and an electric convection oven. The same pros and cons of oven and cooktop features apply to ranges as well.

Freestanding ranges sit in between cabinets. They typically have a bottom storage drawer and controls placed on the back of the unit. They are the least expensive option, but juice and crumbs can fall into the cracks between the range and the cabinets.

Slide-ins close the gaps between the range and the countertop and have their controls in the front.

Drop-ins hang on the countertop and look like built-ins. They require additional paneling and cabinet support underneath them.

Price: About $425 to $650 for an electric coil range; $650 to $1,400 for an electric smoothtop range; $550 to $2,000 for a gas burner range; and $4,000 on up to $12,000 for a pro-style model.

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The Right Appliances to Get Cooking!

ProFeatures PersonalStyle introduction
Photo Courtesty of Jenn-Air

Whirlpool ResourceSaver Refrigerator

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Whirlpool ResourceSaver Refrigerator
Courtesy of Whirlpool

The refrigerator is usually the most energy-sucking appliance in your kitchen, but this utility bill-friendly side-by-side fridge only uses the energy needed to power a 60-watt light bulb. The Whirlpool Resource Saver's 6th Sense technology knows when warm leftovers hit the shelf and adjusts to chill its contents quickly. An in-door icemaker and dispenser saves extra shelf space for storing frozen pizzas and more. Whirlpool

American Range Hybrid Range

ProFeatures PersonalStyle American Range Hybrid Range
Courtesy of American Range

Not only does this hybrid range blend induction and gas cooking in one cooktop, it also features a convection oven and a two-level burner configuration. This split-top or "step-up" design allows chefs to monitor and access all burners easily, with the elevated gas burners intended for simmering and the large induction burners in front designed for sautéing. Available in 24, 30 and 36 inches. American Range

Types of Heat: Electric Induction

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Types of Heat Electric Induction
Photos courtesy of Viking

Induction ElementsInduction rangetops look fairly similar to other electric rangetops, but the difference between them is under the hood. Induction cooking uses magnets that react to the pots and pans placed on the heating elements. This creates a surface that is always cold to your touch, and hot to the touch of magnetic metals. Induction heat transfers are extremely efficient, which is why an induction element can make a pot of water boil up to 50 percent faster than other types of rangetop burners.

Oven Properties: You can't have induction heat transfer in the oven, so induction ranges use regular, radiant heat in the oven.

Range Style

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Range-Style
Photos courtesy of Bertazzoni
If you have a brightly colored range, like the Bertazzoni model above, you might want it to stand alone. You can also place in between cabinets for a more intergrated look.

Ranges typically come in three main forms: drop-in, slide-in and freestanding. Most people are familiar with freestanding ranges, which are paneled on each side. In regards to kitchen placement, freestanding ranges have the most versatility. Drop-in and slide-in ranges have limited versatility, but provide a more built-in look than freestanding ranges. Continue the slide show to find out more about each style of range.

Electrolux Hybrid Cooktop

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Electrolux Hybrid Cooktop
Courtesy of Electolux

Want to try induction but afraid to commit? Split the difference with the Electrolux hybrid cooktop, which offers two induction burners and either two or three standard electric burners, depending on the cooktop size (30 or 36 inches). Induction cooking uses less energy than gas or electric and provides the precision and responsiveness of gas cooking. Electrolux

Liebherr 2062 Series Refrigerator

ProFeatures PersonalStyle Liebherr 2062 Series Refrigerator
Courtesy of Liebherr

Liebherr's new 36-inch French-door refrigerators, the 2062 Series, have double freezer drawers and come in a freestanding cabinet-depth model or a fully integrated model with either stainless steel doors or cabinetry panels. LED lighting columns illuminate the interior, save energy, and allow easy rearranging of the glass shelves. Liebherr

KitchenAid Commercial Style Range

ProFeatures PersonalStyle KitchenAid Commercial Style Range
Courtesy of KitchenAid

This duel-fuel KitchenAid Commercial Style Range features simmer/melt burners, 15,000 Btu burners, and the UltraPower Dual-Flame Burner, which can be fired up to 20,000 BTUs. The electric oven's auto steam function helps baked dishes retain moisture, while the convection system circulates heated air for even, quick cooking. A single-grate design makes cooktop cleaning easy. An optional griddle is available in the 36 and 48-inch models. KitchenAid