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Get the Most Out of Your Grill with These Optional Additions


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Smoking boxes and rotisserie rods are two popular grilling accessories.

To get the best use out of your grill, consider these optional additions:

  • A rotisserie rod mounted near the top of your grill lets you roast meat slowly and evenly. Great for large cuts of meat like leg of lamb and pork roast.

  • A smoker box, located at the bottom of the grill, is a metal container that holds flavor-infused charcoal or wood that when heated, gives off a smoky aroma. These are primarily used in gas grills.

  • A side burner is perfect for when you need to use a pot to boil a side dish but don't want to run into the kitchen to monitor its progress. The same materials you'd find in a typical grill grate are what you'll want to look for on a side burner. Side burners are typically found on gas grills.

  • A thermometer can help you gauge how hot your firebox is heating. For the best cooking results, look for a grill with a built-in thermometer.

  • Utensil holders or drawers make keeping track of your spatula and tongs a breeze.

  • Some grills are featuring lights built into the unit to increase visibility at night, but light attachments are also available for older grills that don't have this feature.


Attachable Grill Lights

Weber's attachable grill lights help for nighttime grilling.



To get smokier flavor and convection heat with a gas grill, try using one of the following inserts, which have the added advantage of protecting your burners from corrosion:

  • Lava rocks heat up quickly and diffuse heat throughout the grill's interior. Lava rocks are porous and must be replaced often to avoid grease build-up.

  • Ceramic briquettes are more expensive than lava rocks but last much longer. Any food residue that might accumulate simply bakes off.

  • Heat plates or bars are made of metal. When juices hit the metal, the rising heat disperses a savory smoke, much like a convection oven would.



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