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Additional Range Features: Double Ovens

Range Ideas For Every Kitchen Additional Features Double Ovens
Photo courtesy of Five Star Ranges

Most ranges have one oven cavity, but there are some that will provide a double-oven feature, allowing you to bake two different things at once. If you're a serious cook who frequently uses two ovens at the same time, a double-oven range can be a great option for your kitchen.

Oven Arrangements: Ranges with two ovens come in two varieties: side-by-side double ovens, or ovens stacked on top of each other. The former will typically result in an extra-wide range with six or eight burners, like the one pictured above. These types of ranges are offered by many high-end manufacturers. A stacked double-oven range (pictured below) is slimmer than side-by-side double ovens, fitting into typical 30-inch range openings. These ranges will typically be more affordable than their side-by-side counterparts, as they are offered by manufacturers with more mid-range price points.

Heat Sources: Double-oven ranges usually have one heat source, either electric or gas. Visit the opening slide of our range slide show to see a double-oven range with dual-fuel capabilities.

Stacked Double Oven Range