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A Guide to Cooling Appliances

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Today it's hard to imagine a kitchen without a big upright refrigerator/freezer, but in 20 years, multiple cooling appliances might be the norm. Major trends changing the way we think about refrigeration include:

Modular refrigerators.
With varying widths and heights, they make it possible to separate your freezer from your refrigerator and place them in convenient spots throughout the kitchen.

Refrigerator and freezer drawers.
Installed under the counter in place of a cabinet drawer, they work equally well for conveniently storing food and drinks in a kitchen island, a butler's pantry, a rec room or a finished basement.

Beverage centers and wine chillers.
Ranging from small countertop and undercounter models to upright or even vault size, they bring a touch of luxury to any home and make entertaining more fun.

Even the traditional refrigerator with freezer compartment has entered an era of change. Trends have shifted away from refrigerators with top-mount freezers to sleek bottom-freezer units, professional side-by-sides, and hybrid French door models.

Stainless steel or stainless-look exteriors are just as common as white, black or bisque, while more manufacturers have begun to offer fridges in muted natural tones, bright primary colors and nostalgic retro hues.

To make less of a statement with your refrigerator, go with a built-in or counter-depth fridge that is flush with your cabinetry. Take it a step further by choosing a refrigerator that accepts cabinet panels, making the appliance an inconspicuous part of your kitchen.

Best of all, today's refrigeration appliances are far more energy efficient than those of yesteryear, offering a substantial saving on annual utility costs.