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The Right Tools for Beverages, Soups and More

Countertop Blender by KitchenAid

This blender from KitchenAid features smooth button controls for easy clean-up.

Countertop Blenders

Synonymous with the sweetness of a fruity beverage, the blender can puree smoothies, chop ice, and pulverize salsa, sauces and more. When considering what type of blender is right for you, it helps to determine what kind of use you'll get out of it, how many people you'll be preparing for and whether you'll need any accessories.

Blender jars are made of glass or plastic, and both materials have advantages. While plastic jars are lighter, they will absorb food smells and get nicked and scratched. Glass jars won't get those scratches and are impervious to food odors, but their heft and susceptibility to breakage might make them the wrong choice for you.

The higher the wattage, the more power your blender packs. Don't go any lower than 350 watts. Most blenders will have at least low and high settings, which should be able to handle most jobs, as well as an ice chopping function.

If you're going to use this blender regularly, especially for entertaining, a jar with a tap attachment may work well for you. Dispensing drinks easily and quickly, without the hassle of the jar lid, makes life easier for the home entertainer.

The jar will most likely be dishwasher safe, but consider whether touchpad controls would be easier to clean up than buttons. To prevent any big spills, go for a bigger jar that holds more liquid equipped with a wider base to keep it stable while blending.


hand blender by braun, immersion blender by braun

The hand blender from Braun comes with a stainless steel cup accessory for quick and easy smoothies.


Hand Blenders

For smaller size blending jobs, such as soups or sauces, a hand or immersion blender works well. Equipped with small blades, the hand blender makes targeting stray strawberries in your shakes a breeze. Accessories like bowls, whisks or the stainless steel mixing cup up shown above help with chopping veggies, blending beverages and more.

Look for other accessories for your hand blender like chopping blades and grinding attachments. These attachments will make the switch from blending beverages to chopping nuts a cinch.

Consider also whether you'd like a cordless model. Charging up the hand blender for short jobs is easy and no cords makes life easier. For clean-up, simply running soap and water over the blades works, but some hand blenders come with detachable shafts that can slip into your dishwasher.