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Create a Café in the Kitchen


Coffee and tea may be important enough to warrant multiple appliances and significant counter space in the kitchen.

You could treat yourself to a daily coffee at one of the coffee shops and cafés that seem to crowd every corner. You might also throw in an afternoon latte and post-dinner cup of tea. Quality caffeine, however, is an expensive habit to maintain. (So is quality herbal tea.) In the long run, buying your own beverage system is cheaper than dropping $2 to $10 a day.

Leaving aside French presses, stove-top kettles and other non-electric devices, we'll run though the basics on coffee grinders, coffee makers, tea kettles and espresso machines, from plug-and-brew models to multi-talented machines that can do it all. At the very highest end, "super automatic" espresso machines operate with push-button technology and come in both countertop and built-in models, which may have the added option of a plumbing hookup leading directly to your water supply.

Time to play barista instead of paying one!



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