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For the True Coffee Lover's Next Remodel


Courtesy of Dacor

Built-in coffeemakers allow you to make gourmet coffee right from home.

Retrofit into a kitchen remodel or installed in the sitting room of a new master suite, built-in coffee machines have become the splurge du jour thanks to their space-saving design and fun features.


  • They preserve countertop space by being installed into your cabinetry
  • They can be (although they don't have to be) plumbed directly to your water source, ensuring fresh water and saving trips from the sink to the coffeemaker


  • If your cabinet space is at a premium, a built-in coffeemaker takes up a substantial amount: most built-ins are about 24 inches wide, 22 or 23 inches deep and 18.5 inches high.
  • An average price tag of $2,000 to $2,500.


All built-in coffee and espresso machines are automatic models. You won't find them at typical retailers-instead, look for appliance specialists that carry high-end lines or at gourmet cookware stores.

The built-in models typically offer dual dispensing spouts whose height can be adjusted, a hot-water dispenser, an integrated frothing system, and either an integrated grinder with bean and ground compartments or a pod/capsule system. Other common features include multiple grinder settings, a large water reservoir, water/coffee temperature control, water hardness settings, a built-in water filter, a timer and automatic cleaning and descaling.

Some come with a cup-and-saucer warming and storage drawer; others can be installed with a separate but matching drawer unit.

Touch-pad control panels with LED displays are standard; but many of these units-which often are made by European manufacturers- offer multilingual displays.



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