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An Overview of Microwave Drawers


Courtesy of Sharp

Located under the counter, microwave drawers offer streamlined design and easy access.

Microwaves need not apply for a position on the countertop any longer. For years, designers have moved built-in microwaves and microwaves that look like built-ins under the counter to put the appliance within reach and to make room for attractive plate racks, open shelving and other wall cabinet displays.

In-drawer microwaves, where you load food from the top rather than through a front-facing door, are relatively new. Dacor and Sharp are the only two manufacturers releasing them at the moment.

Most models open automatically, with the door sliding open at the touch of a button, but the electronic control panels can be locked to prevent children from operating them.

These microwave drawers also feature a "micro warm" or "keep warm" option that allows them to be used as warming drawers for up to 30 minutes, making them two-for-one appliances.

Stainless steel, black and white

Power: 950 to 1,000 watts

Sizes: 24 or 30 inches wide; 1.0 cubic foot

Price: From $800 to $1,050



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