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What refrigerator style do you prefer, and do you like fridges with lots of different drawers and features?

Chef Holmes: If I could afford a commercial refrigerator at home, I definitely would. But commercial refrigerators are expensive. At my house I have refrigerator with a freezer below, and I really like it. And I think new refrigerators are really great because they are much more energy efficient.

Chef Selland: Personally, I don’t need all the bells and whistles. I’m used to dealing with commercial equipment where you don’t have a bunch of different drawers and such. You can create your own little humidified area for produce. I think the most important thing is if your refrigerator holds temperature.

Chef Subido: I prefer having lots of room in a refrigerator. I find the side-by-side fridges don’t have enough room to store food. I like having the freezer on the bottom with basket containers.

Verdict: The spaciousness and simplicity of commercial fridges are clearly what our chefs are used to and like. But for home use a bottom-mount fridge gives them closest to what they need.