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The Center of Outdoor Cooking

Cuts of meat on a grill

Courtesy of Fuego

Certain grills, like the Fuego 01 pictured here, can be the social center of your outdoor kitchen.

Yes, it's true: the outdoor kitchen isn't only about grills anymore. But don't kid yourself; there isn't another outdoor appliance as essential as a grill. It is the focal point of any al fresco cooking space, and for serious grillers, it's a showpiece and a source of pride.

But before you get to brag to your friends about your new outdoor cooking machine, and before you invite everyone over for brats and burgers, you have some choices to make. Modern grills can have as many options as modern cars, and figuring out what you really need can be difficult.

However, with the proper knowledge, finding the grill you want can be as exciting as removing a perfectly cooked steak from the grates. So read on, and get ready to grill.



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