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An Overview of Refrigerator Drawers


Refrigerator drawers include adjustable dividers for storing produce.

Want to store your produce near the sink, but your beverages near the dining table? Consider adding refrigerator or combination refrigerator/freezer drawers into the mix. Built-in drawer units operate the same as stand-up refrigerators, but fit into a compact space underneath the counter. Drawer refrigerators are ideal for bars or rec rooms, outdoor kitchens (if rated for outdoor use), and kitchens designed with separate zones for clean up, cooking, prep work and baking. You can also purchase separate freezer drawers.

Typical features on refrigerated drawers include digital touchpad controls, removable to adjustable divders, stainless steel interiors and LED illumination. In addition to coming in black, white or stainless steel finishes, most drawer refrigerators accept panels that match your cabinetry. A handful of refrigeration specialty manufacturers offer more vibrant color options.

 Installed in a standard 15-, 24-, 27-, 30- or 36-inch cabinet opening, refrigerator drawers and combination refrigerator/freezer drawers have two or three drawers and a capacity of 5 to 6 cubic feet.

Convenience and ability to increase your kitchen's functionality

Pricey relative to their small size.

$1,500 to $3,500