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When you’re cooking at home, are microwaves shunned or are they saviors?

Chef Holmes: I refuse to have a microwave in my kitchen, in both my home and my restaurant kitchen. Maybe there are decent microwaves out there now, but that type of cooking is just weird to me.

Chef Selland: I think if you do use them to do any sort of cooking, it’s going to cook things really unevenly. With just a little bit of effort you can cook anything without it and it’ll turn out much better.

Chef Subido: I’m proud to say I don’t use a microwave at home or at my restaurant. My microwave at home broke two years ago, and I just never replaced it.

Verdict: Our chefs pretty much stayed away from microwaves in both their homes and their restaurant kitchens, although a few mentioned a microwave is useful for melting butter or warming up coffee. It’s certainly not breaking news, but if taste is a higher priority than convenience, then a microwave might be an unnecessary appliance.