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Ask a Designer: Cabinet Colors & Materials


Should I use multiple cabinet colors?


Gladys: It always goes back to the design and the layout. It doesn’t make sense to breakup different colors. Sometimes a perimeter is a different color, an island is a different color. Sometimes you have accent pieces, and then you end up with three that matched together. Some people will say, “Okay, this look really great. It’s clean, it’s contemporary, let’s keep it at one color.” It doesn’t necessarily have to be so. The determining factor is really the design. Sometimes you can get too much in there. When you have three different cabinet colors, you may not necessarily want three different countertop colors. Sometimes you might want one that unifies all three colors.

Eileen: We are seeing a lot of multi-colors and the kitchen is not all just one color. This is a little bit softer of a white, and it’s in conjunction with a barn red color. Some people like the red, the focal point. They want to set something up, so we pair it with a neutral, with the white or some other neutral or a wood stained cabinet will kind of tone things down, something that might have an island or certain areas that will have a different stain or finish. We could do the whole kitchen in the bright color, but that is not common because that might be your personal preference and what you really want. You always have to think of resale down the line.