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Ask a Designer: Kitchen Lighting


How much light should a kitchen have?

The amount of light, or the number of lights, really depends on the size of the kitchen, but the type of light … There are several different types that you should have in a kitchen in order to make it functional. Number one would be task lighting, which is lighting that fits underneath your wall cabinets and sheds light onto your countertops, so as you’re working, you can see what you’re doing. If you only have lights in the ceiling behind you, you can have a tendency to have shadows on the countertop, so you can’t see as well. So, the task lighting under your wall cabinets is really helpful.

The other type of lighting would be general lighting, which might be [recess can 00:00:50] lighting in the ceiling; perhaps some track lighting that would shed light on a general basis and light the room fully. I always feel like, for cleaning purposes, perhaps, so you can make sure that you see all the different crevices that you need to get to.

The other type might be a decorative lighting; maybe over an island, if you wanted something that added to the ambiance of the room. You might put some track lighting, some decorative track lighting, perhaps; monorail-type systems or pendant lightings, or you could always use pots racks that have lights in them also that are also functional and beautiful.